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Sant Andreu Contemporani

Appearance design and rationalization of the structure of the information at Sant Andreu Contemporani web.

Sant Andreu Contemporani is a subsidiary of the City Council of Barcelona that is dedicated to support emerging contemporary art.
In Varro.es we took charge for organizing the structure of the web as well as the design and implementation of the required functionality and appearance.

Design Jobs

  • Structuring the information they wanted to show.
  • Review of the company logo.
  • Design the appearance of the web based in the revised logo.
  • Design and implementation of databases that are organized in different categories of information.
  • Multilanguage (Spanish, Catalan and English).
  • Online registration process for the Miquel Casablancas Prize.
  • Transfer of information gathered in the previous point in the database structure of the web.
  • Online registration process in the selection of scholarship Pinocchio.

You can visit the website of Sant Andreu Contemporani.



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