Flowers (video creation)

Video creation for french artist Anne Sophie Pinard

Idea & modele: Anne Sophie Pinard
Video creation: José Navarro
Photograph, hands & hair: Bruno Dumas

Music: Laura Veirs – Rapture


WWF * 1 fish 1 story

Rollup for the WWF “1fish 1story” campaign. We did the design of a rollup (and its A4 version to be included in the dossier) to sumarize the need of full traceability in order to prevent overfishing in a professional fair. More info...

Prêt-à-porter website

Website for prêt-à-porter brand lesmoking Download Video: MP4 LeSmoking is a young prêt-à-porter fashion brand. They wanted a visual online cataloge resembling a catwalk. The customer can upload four or more views of each model that the user can see with each...

Martin Dechant engineer

For the website of this engineer, we decided to use vintage elements that contrast with the state-of-the-art thecnology in which he works.


hi gofre&cofee

The graphic identity (corporate identity) of Hi, gofre & cofee applied to all communication of the franchise. The idea of travel wraps around the image desing.


Graphic design for wedding

Design work for the graphic look&feel

Graphic design work for the graphic look&feel Design.The couple wanted to skip solemnity arround the celebration of their wedding and this is how we took that to its graphic design.

We decided to apply their style to a popular and cheerful image of László Moholy Nagy.


Sant Andreu Contemporani

Sant Andreu Contemporani is a subsidiary of the City Council of Barcelona that is dedicated to supporting emerging contemporary art.
In Varro.es we took charge for organizing the structure of the web as well as the design and implementation of the required functionality and appearance.


Poster design – Talleres de artes escénicas

This poster was created for a workshop held by the contemporary dancer Alicia Soto at the Teatro Zorilla in Valladolid.

Is a photomontage of a picture of the stage at the teather and another one of the dancer. Complementary colours has been used.


Infography – WWF

Infography for professional publications Show thumbnails Caption Previous Next

A través de tus ojos

Image for the new show of the Contemporary Dance Company Alicia Soto -Hojarasca.


Alicia Soto – Hojarasca Danza

Alicia Soto – Hojarasca is a contemporary dance company based in Valladolid (Spain).


Eco d’aqui

Graphic identity for this group of companies devoted to Organic Food

The parent company Eco d’aqui, develops several activities always related to Organic food. For this reason, we used two icons taken from the parent company for several applications


Fusion Workshop poster

The Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid (LAVA – Arts laboratory of Valladolid) and the contemporary dance company of Alicia Soto held a series of workshops. They were a fusion of contemporary dance and Breakdance in July 2012. For professionals and regular public.



Visual identity for event.

Our client was turning 40 and wanted to design that event’s comunication. It was all about a party in a little village in la Mancha. There were 40 guests invited from all over Europe.


book layout

Design and layout of the book of “I Concurs de Contes d’Aigua”.
The Association for the dissemination of storytelling Encuento and La Casa de los Cuentos,issued the “I Concurs de Contes d’Aigua” Prize, sponsored by the AGBAR Foundation.



Diseño de comunidad web de descarga de programas informáticos.

Es un look&feel ganador del concurso que convocó la empresa estadounidense de Palo Alto (California) que, al final, no se aplicó a la web por su carga de imágenes y el alto presupuesto económico para aplicarlo.

El diseño de la web tiene una inspiración vintage y utiliza elementos analógicos como contrapartida a la alta tecnología que es la razón de ser de la web. Esta inspiración tiene su razón de ser en querer diferenciarse del resto de webs similares.


B Tea Dance

B Tea Dance is an event in a regular basis. It propose dancing on Sunday afternoon with no alcohol or drugs.

In addition to creating visual identity for the event, we take care of maintenance of its facebook page.


Beat the gmat


Chemical catalogue

We did a complete refresh of the corporate visual identity with Indena, a chemical company established in Barcelona.

The company wanted to step back from all the stereotypes arround chemical companies and that’s why we used natural elements to iconize products.


Advertisement in press

This is an ad of Alicia Soto – Hojarasca Contemporary Dance Company in the Artez magazine of Contemporary art.

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