Flowers (video creation)

Video creation for french artist Anne Sophie Pinard

Idea & modele: Anne Sophie Pinard
Video creation: José Navarro
Photograph, hands & hair: Bruno Dumas

Music: Laura Veirs – Rapture


WWF * 1 fish 1 story

Rollup for the WWF “1fish 1story” campaign. We did the design of a rollup (and its A4 version to be included in the dossier) to sumarize the need of full traceability in order to prevent overfishing in a professional fair. More info...

Prêt-à-porter website

Website for prêt-à-porter brand lesmoking Download Video: MP4 LeSmoking is a young prêt-à-porter fashion brand. They wanted a visual online cataloge resembling a catwalk. The customer can upload four or more views of each model that the user can see with each...

Martin Dechant engineer

For the website of this engineer, we decided to use vintage elements that contrast with the state-of-the-art thecnology in which he works.


hi gofre&cofee

The graphic identity (corporate identity) of Hi, gofre & cofee applied to all communication of the franchise. The idea of travel wraps around the image desing.


Graphic design for wedding

Design work for the graphic look&feel

Graphic design work for the graphic look&feel Design.The couple wanted to skip solemnity arround the celebration of their wedding and this is how we took that to its graphic design.

We decided to apply their style to a popular and cheerful image of László Moholy Nagy.

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