Prêt-à-porter website

Website for prêt-à-porter brand lesmoking Download Video: MP4 LeSmoking is a young prêt-à-porter fashion brand. They wanted a visual online cataloge resembling a catwalk. The customer can upload four or more views of each model that the user can see with each...

Sant Andreu Contemporani

Sant Andreu Contemporani is a subsidiary of the City Council of Barcelona that is dedicated to supporting emerging contemporary art.
In Varro.es we took charge for organizing the structure of the web as well as the design and implementation of the required functionality and appearance.


Infography – WWF

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A través de tus ojos

Image for the new show of the Contemporary Dance Company Alicia Soto -Hojarasca.


Alicia Soto – Hojarasca Danza

Alicia Soto – Hojarasca is a contemporary dance company based in Valladolid (Spain).



Visual identity for event.

Our client was turning 40 and wanted to design that event’s comunication. It was all about a party in a little village in la Mancha. There were 40 guests invited from all over Europe.

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